Monday, July 5, 2010

Just let me be!

I lead such the interesting life at times.   I've been working, well not everyday, but it feels like it at times.  Lots of minutia coming down the pipes.  I figure the shit storm known as JCAHO will make it's ugly appearance any day now.  That's why all the "powers-that-be" set into motion lame ass protocols.  It has nothing really to do with patient safety, but more like how can we irritate our nurses today? 

Head (Ignoramous) -  "Lets see, should we tell them many licks it takes before we bite into a Tootsie Pop?" 
Head (Full of Shit) -   "No, I know, that is waayyy too easy and too much fun.  How bout if we tell them how many minutes to use the disinfectant wipes, ya know, just in case they need to clean something after coming out of a patient's room?" 
Head (Giant Butt)-  "Yeah, that's a really cool idea.  How long does it take by the way?" 
Head (FoS)  "Oh, like maybe 3-5min per research, but hey, that could change in the next 48hrs or so."
Head (Up my Ass) -  "So like what else can we do to them?"  "Can we make them use piggybacks on main IV lines, just cuz it makes no sense at all?"
Head (Ignoramous) -  "Now you're thinking UmA, way to go!"
Head (Giant Butt) -  "Hey here is a better idea, how bout if we infringe on their rights as citizens, find out what they are posting on FB and their blogs, and if it is even close to patient related, suspend them and report them to the BRN."
Head (FoS) -  "Holy crap GB!   That is the best idea of the day, but of course, we will implement the rest of these ideas and surely think of more to make them wince and be Whoaz scared for a bit.

Yeppers, life is rich in the RN world, or at least in my little corner as of lately.  Ya know, I was raised in a dog eat dog

atmosphere when I started in ICU, so I'm seasoned and hopefully tuffer than some of the newbies out there.  Tho, I understand HIPPA, but I don't agree on the infringement of my rights or the rights of my colleagues if they haven't done anything wrong.  Yes, there are the Darwin Award Winners out there in nursing as in any other profession and life in general.  Tho it seems like a classic witch hunt lately with lets scare the nurses so they are docile, complacent and don't question management or anyone in higher rank (or so-called higher rank in the profession(s) ).  Like really, and what the fuck is that nonsense all about?  Lets date us back to Florence Nightingale times once again or even just 20yrs ago.  Like Hellloooo? 

Sorry but I'm your RN, I'm strong, I'm capable, and I'm smarter than some of your docs out there.  I see you 12+hrs/shift.  How long does your doc make rounds on you on any given day?  How long do you, or if you see management come by your bedside?  Who do you count on for care, compassion, tough love and pain meds?  Yes, that is me.  Have faith in me.  Whether you do or not, I'm your nurse, trust me to provide the best care I have to offer you and support of you and your family at this given time. 

All I ask is for management and others to let me do the job I have gone to school for, trained for, and continue yearly education requirements for, and then some. 

Enuf petty crap already, just let me do my job.


  1. You go girl! I have figured out, that at least out here in CA, there are so many people looking for jobs (nurses included) that they really dont care if they kill you physically, mentally, or morally, cause there is another warm body out there to take the job. Note that I said warm body - not body with a brain.

  2. I realise I'm late to the game, but as a UK nurse, I feel your pain! If it's any help, know that the policies will change in the next week, leaving a good 6 mins per disinfectant wipe! :D